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Charlemagne's Heir

Out June 11  2021


Lotharingia is a medieval romance with a mystery twist set in the eleventh-century Holy Roman Empire. It follows the youth of Matilde, Countess of Tuscany, destined to become the most powerful woman of the day, as she tries to forge her path in a men's world.  A Historical Novel Society Editor's Choice, it won the World Historical Fiction Gold Medal at the Historical Fiction Press Book of the Year Awards, and made the Page Turner Awards' 2020 shortlist.

It reached the Amazon Best Sellers no.1 spot in multiple categories in the UK, Canada, and Australia. 

The Road to Canossa

Planned release: Late January 2023

I am busy editing the second volume of the Comitissa series, entitled The Road to Canossa. It picks up where Lotharingia left off, constructing a probable tale out of the most dramatic events of the Investiture Controversy. Matilde and Heinrich will meet again, in very different circumstances.

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