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The Road to Canossa update

To all my subscribers...I know it took me a while, but your patience is about to be rewarded! I have just sent the first copy of my new novel, The Road to Canossa, to the British Library, and the paperback is now officially out!

Inspired by one of the most famous events in medieval history, and one in which the decisive role was played by female leaders, I am chuffed the release is coinciding with Women's History month!

The wait for the ebook version is almost over too. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon now for release on the 28th of March.

Publishing a book is a labour of love, and the support of my readers is what makes it all worthwhile. Many of you have left encouraging reviews of my first novel, Lotharingia, and they have truly made a difference and kept me going. To thank at least some of you for believing in me and my characters, I am giving away 20 advanced review copies of the ebook in return for a review. First come first serve. If interested, just get in touch through the Contact form.

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