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About Me

I have always been an avid reader of history, and I love working within the constraints of historical fiction, trying to strike a balance between imagination and reality. 

I am fascinated by the amazing women who barely scraped the surface of history and yet changed it from within. Through my novels, I attempt to re-write historical periods and events from a female perspective.

 I am also fascinated by the many still unsolved historical mysteries that pop up in documentaries and authors such as Umberto Eco. In particular, I am drawn to the medieval mind's fascination with prophecies and relics.

Last but not least, I find the history of the Holy Roman Empire a treasure trove of tragic characters and family sagas with all the ingredients of a Greek or Elizabethan drama. 
In my free time, I love travelling to places rich in history such as Germany, Greece and Italy. 
I am addicted to yoga and try to lead a mindful life. That does not rule out a glass of good wine. :)
I am a committed feminist and environmentalist and a passionate football supporter.

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